Young Dro readies Sophomore Album

16 Oct

Young DroIn 2006, Young Dro burst onto the hip hop scene. His first single, “Shoulder Lean,” was released early in the summer of 2006. The collaboration with T.I. led the song into the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. Soon, the release of his debut album came, making Dro the most popular act on Grand Hustle outside of T.I.

The rest of 2006 was also a great year for Young Dro, as he became T.I.’s sidekick and attended many hip hop award shows. In 2007, when T.I. rose to icon status, Dro was expected to be right there. His second album was expected to be released in 2007, but he could not find that one single to rebuild his buzz.

Last year came and went without anything new from Young Dro. He, like many other struggling rappers, returned to the mixtape game. Now, Dro is once again popular within his native Atlanta and he is discussing with Grand Hustle the release of his sophomore album. Currently, he has no new single out, but his album is due sometime this year or in 2010.

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