Lil Wayne speaks on Omarion’s Young Money Departure

16 Oct

Lil Wayne IIBack in August, Lil Wayne made a power move by signing Omarion to Young Money. Then, weeks later, he made another move in signing Bow Wow to the label. Suddenly, Omarion left the label after this occurred.

Once he left the label, many blamed the addition of Bow Wow as his reason for leaving. Deeper speculation, however, pointed in the direction of some leaked tracks that were not to be released until later in the year. Omarion spoke on the situation, saying that he needed to be in control.

Now, Lil Wayne is talking. He said that Omarion had full control over his work, it was just business that stopped the deal from lasting. When Omarion first signed with Young Money, he expressed interest in maintaining his history as a star and not being overshadowed by Lil Wayne and Drake.

Only days after he made that statement, Bow Wow, another star was signed to the label. The point made by Lil Wayne was the fact that his company and Omarion were headed in two opposite directions. As a result, the deal fell through.

Both parties feel that Omarion creating his label was the best decision for everyone.

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