Hip Hop Vibe to do Hottest MCs in the Game

16 Oct

Hip Hop VibeRecently, MTV held their annual “Hottest MCs in the Game” poll, but it sparked a bit of controversy. Some people feel that the MTV poll was a bit biased, so Hip Hop Vibe has taken it upon itself to do a new, daily countdown, of the hottest emcees in the game.

Unlike the MTV list, Hip Hop Vibe will take into account the amount of radio play a rap artist has received and who they have worked with during the year. For those that have released albums during the year, their album sales will also be considered when ranking them.

On a daily basis, Hip Hop Vibe will count down twenty rappers in the game who have dominated the year of 2009 in a Hip Hop Vibe way. Hopefully, HHV can do a better job than MTV, but no promises are being made.

Hip Hop Vibe only asks that the real hip hop heads stop by to see what is going on. Please be respectful as we count down who has it and who does not in 2009. Our list may contain some surprises, do not hold that against the site, though.

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