50 Cent disses Jay-Z and Kanye West again

16 Oct

50 CentAgain, 50 Cent has been asked about his feelings towards Jay-Z and Kanye West. In the late 1990s, 50 challenged Jay-Z on some mixtape singles. On his 1999 album, Vol. 3, Jay-Z famously responded, but that response gave birth to 50 Cent’s career.

In 2003, his big break came and he rose to become rap’s biggest star. The next year, 50 Cent was supposed to release his second album, but circumstances stopped that from happening. In 2004, the big star ended up being Kanye West. Ever since that time, 50 Cent has responded to every move made by Kanye.

For years, 50 Cent has said slick things about Jay-Z. Last month, things came to a head when he mentioned Jay-Z’s style on “Flight 187.” While 50 came out to deny dissing Jay-Z, he went on to challenge Kanye West to interrupt his acceptance speech. After 50 made his comments, Jay-Z let it be known that 50 was scaring no one.

Only days later, 50 Cent came out to call Jay-Z a punk. He went on to say that Jay was the coolest punk that he knew, but nevertheless, a punk. Now, recently, in preparation of his latest album, Before I Self Destruct, 50 was asked about his 2007 SoundScan battle with Kanye West.

Somehow, the conversation shifted to his personal opinions of West and Jay-Z. 50 Cent ended up saying that he could care less about them. 50 said that these are not his personal friends and that outside of rap he does not know them.

As the conversation progressed, he said that he was not friends, at all with Jay-Z or Kanye West. Back in 2007, he made similar comments about Jay-Z and Diddy. It is unclear exactly what goes through 50’s mind at times.

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