Ashanti said it was Great reuniting with Ja Rule

15 Oct

AshantiAround seven years ago, Ja Rule teamed with Ashanti to create one of hip hop’s most powerful duos. They recorded many songs together and those songs dominated the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. The collaborations between Ashanti and Ja Rule were memorable, but they ended.

By 2008, it was clear that something had gone wrong between the two when Ja Rule subliminally talked about her on his song, “Judas.” However, by the time Ashanti’s album, The Declaration, was released, she was out performing with Ja to promote the album.

Since that time, though, the two went back on their separate ways. The two talked on the phone about the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors and discussed reuniting on stage. Seeing how close the two remain, it was no big deal getting them on stage. Their performance was so great that even artists, such as Eminem were out of their seats.

Many other hip hop artists were glad to see that the former duo had reunited. Obviously, Ja Rule was excited because of it, but Ashanti was, too. She said that it had been over a year since she had shared a stage with Ja Rule, so it was great to reunite.

With both artists ready to release new albums next year, hype is building up about a possible collaboration between the two. Ja Rule said to expect some surprises on his 2010 album and Ashanti said to expect something old and something new. A collaboration with Ja Rule would classify as both.

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