50 Cent disses Fat Joe’s Album Sales

15 Oct

50 CentThe never-ending feud between 50 Cent and Fat Joe has another chapter added to it. For the most part, this year, the two rappers have not had much to say to or about each other. However, when Fat Joe prepared to release his latest album, 50 Cent became extremely vocal about his adversary.

First, 50 Cent claimed that J.O.S.E., Pt. II, was so bad that it sent him to the hospital. Through his website, ThisIs50.com, he sent out a message that said that he had to go to the hospital after hearing the album. The taunts were ignored, initially, by Fat Joe, but he has since begun to talk about the disses from 50 Cent.

Just last week, Fat Joe said that the people need to realize that 50 Cent is actually the biggest Fat Joe fan out there. If he was not, he would not always have something to say about Fat Joe and his music. It has been over a week since Joe’s album came out, so the first-week sales have been released.

While he is known for his hit singles, Fat Joe is not known for selling many records. His latest album moved 8,500 copies in its first week. Again, through ThisIs50.com, 50 Cent released a statement. Jokingly, he had a message in promotion of the album that congratulated Fat Joe for selling over 8,000 copies and seeing his album debut at number 73 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Currently, 50 Cent’s fourth album, Before I Self Destruct, is set for release on November 24, 2009.

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