Trina starts a Clothing Line and a Reality Show

13 Oct

TrinaLike everyone else in hip hop, Trina is looking to expand her horizons. Despite the recent cancellation of Eve’s clothing line, Trina still feels that a female rapper can run her own clothing line. So, aside from her work on her new album, she has decided to prepare this new venture.

In a similar fashion to Eve, Trina will also be starring in her own reality show. The only difference is the fact that Trina will have a reality show. The series has yet to be titled and will focus on the personal life of Trina. Currently, Trina and her team are shopping that show.

Trina is currently in the studio with Drew Sidora, Jagged Edge, Keri Hilson, Lady GaGa, Ludacris, Lyfe Jennings, Nicki Minaj, Pretty Money, Rick Ross, Shoine, and Swazy Baby. The new album should be released in 2010.

Currently, she has two singles in rotation, “That’s My Attitude” and “Let Them Hoes Fight.”

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