Will Irv Gotti take an Executive Role at Warner Music?

11 Oct

Irv GottiEarlier this year, Irv Gotti was out promoting the second season of his VH1 reality series, “Gotti’s Way.” Aside from the show, he talked about the artists on his label, Murder Inc. He mentioned that the label’s contract with Universal Records was over, so they were free to move on.

It turns out that Murder Inc. Records has no deal and no actually signed artists. His longtime flagship artist, Ja Rule is committed to the label, but he is not signed because the label, itself, has no deal. Soon, Lloyd announced that he had left the label and Gotti announced that he was dropping Ashanti.

One statement that was made has been overlooked, though. During an interview back in April about the state of his label, Irv Gotti said that Murder Inc. was preparing to sign with Warner/Atlantic and that he was meeting with Lyor Cohen to establish a deal. Diddy has left Atlantic Records and the label is looking for a president.

There have not been any other hip hop sites to mention the comment that Gotti made. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Atlantic Records was looking for a label president and Irv Gotti has a great track record. It would make sense for him to take over, plus he needs a label to release the new music coming from his label.

Think about it, Ja Rule has a new album coming in 2010, Newz has his debut album coming in 2010, and Ashanti is working on a new album. If Gotti signed a deal with Atlantic, he will probably also become the label’s president, so that deal would not finalize until sometime next year.

Has Irv Gotti taken an executive role at Warner Music?

2 Responses to “Will Irv Gotti take an Executive Role at Warner Music?”

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