On the Rise: Slim da Mobster

11 Oct

Slim da MobsterOutside of The Game, there is not any rapper holding things down for the West Coast. The underground scene is bubbling over due to the movement going on in Northern California, but there is still no new artists breaking through.

Many consider The Game to be lucky because he had Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Eminem in his corner when he first came into the game. Without them, some say that he would have never made it. He was known as a good rapper, but not good enough.

Not long after his debut, The Game left these associates and really went solo and has carried the West Coast on his back. But, Slim da Mobster is another Los Angeles rapper that has the backing of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Eminem. Like The Game some five years before him, he is signed to Interscope Records through Aftermath Entertainment and G-Unit Records.

He has the streets of L.A. heated up and he is ready to break through. Slim is possibly the hottest product out of California since The Game and, despite his feelings for him, 50 Cent realizes this and will still use this to his advantage. Once 50 Cent gets his album out and Dr. Dre begins working on Detox, Slim will make his debut.

Currently, Slim da Mobster is slated to appear on Dr. Dre’s new album. It is supposed that the album will be a promotional tool for the new talent that Dre has brought to Aftermath Entertainment. So, after that album is released, the debut album from Slim should be released.

Slim is still rising, expect him to break through sometime in 2010.

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