Jadakiss is looking to Save the West Coast

11 Oct

JadakissThe West Coast hip hop scene has been struggling for over a decade, now. Aside from Snoop Dogg and The Game, no one from the left coast has made any mainstream moves. It is looking like the East Coast just may give the West a much-needed jump.

Jadakiss has not received much mainstream success, but he is a well-respected rapper. He also runs his own record label, D-Block Records. At this day and age, he like many other rappers, have realized that it is more about business than music.

It was because of this that he decided to expand his D-Block label into more genres of hip hop. Recently, Jada announced the formation of D-Block West. He said that he can be reached online through various sites for any up-and-coming West Coast artists that want to be put on.

While the West Coast does not have much playing on the radio, they have built up quite a buzz on the underground level. Such rappers as Slim da Mobster are keeping the streets hot with their mixtapes, but there are other rappers out there doing their thing, too. Jadakiss wants to give these emcees a chance.

Who knows, D-Block may bring about a return to the G-Funk sound of Death Row, surprisingly one of Jadakiss’ favorite sub-genres of hip hop.

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