Did 50 Cent punk Fabolous?

11 Oct

50 CentIt appears that 50 Cent is trying to change his image. For his entire career, 50 Cent has been seen as a bully. He has instigated high-profile feuds with Ja Rule, Ashanti, R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Missy Elliott, Diddy, and Cam’ron. But, 2009 has been a calm year for him, despite feuding with Rick Ross.

This year, a new bully has emerged in the form of Fabolous. He does not speak his words to a radio station or talk with a hip hop magazine, he takes his problems straight to Twitter, which he calls a big barbershop. It was Fab that broke the news of T-Pain dissing Jay-Z and he even engaged in a short feud with T-Pain when he thought that Pain dissed him via Twitter.

After that mess exploded in his face, Fabolous reached out to T-Pain and the two remained friends. But, only weeks later; a Twitter discussion about Fab’s teeth took place. The discussion became so popular that Bow Wow even participated in the talks and joked on Fabolous a bit. It was all in fun, but Fabolous got mad and taunted Bow Wow’s height.

The two decided to end it friendly, so no real feud ever took place. As mentioned earlier, it looks like 50 Cent is trying to change his ways. Last month, he held a concert in New York, the This Is 50 Fest, in which he had a lot of New York artists together. Throughout the show, 50 mentioned how much he was about unity. In the back of a lot of minds, the same thoughts were swirling.

Hip hop’s Twitter king, Fabolous, just had to Tweet about that one. He questioned 50’s quest for New York unity when 50 Cent ended the career of New York rapper, Ja Rule, when he first entered the game. His message felt more like a rant than a question, but throughout the message, he said he was not dissing 50 Cent.

Word got back to 50 Cent fast and he said that he had previously thought of Fabolous as a friend. 50 said that he had offered many touring opportunities to Fab and wanted to help him out some, then he went on to quote some words out of his book. Only a few hours after 50’s response, Fabolous felt the need to clear the air.

Is it possible that 50 Cent left Fabolous a threat behind closed doors, or that Fabolous thought about 50’s own track record compared to his own? It is clear that something happened that no one from Fabolous’ camp is talking about.

One Response to “Did 50 Cent punk Fabolous?”

  1. Jones October 25, 2009 at 5:17 pm #

    Fab is a good rapper, he’s more talented than 50 cent.
    LOSO All Day !
    50 was good in his prime but today he’s spittin the worst verses ever !

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