50 Cent is preparing to Re-Take the Crown with New Album

11 Oct

50 CentWhen he first came into the game, no one was tougher than 50 Cent. He managed to make hip hop hardcore again at a time when rap ballads had taken over the airwaves. His debut album, Get Rich or die Tryin,’ is still credited as one of the best hardcore rap albums ever.

However, his follow-up, The Massacre, was popular, but criticized for taking a mainstream approach to the music. He still posted the biggest hits of his career off of this album. Most of 50’s most notable singles came from this album and it still was a multi-platinum success.

When he went to release his third album, Curtis, things were terribly different. 50 Cent could not find that one single to stick with the fans. First, he released “Straight To The Bank,” but it suffered from a lack of airplay and “Amusement Park” suffered from the same fate. Despite that and the defeat to Kanye West, that album still went platinum.

In 2008, 50 Cent had hoped to come right back with his fourth album, Before I Self Destruct. His first single sounded like a hit and 50 knew it was one. “Get Up” had a crazy beat and the lyrics could make anyone’s heads nod, but the song was hardly ever played by the urban radio stations.

Due to this, the album was pushed back until 2009. Still tinkering with the album, 50 failed to find the right single. Soon, he decided to take a break from the album and return to the mixtape scene that made him the rap star that he once was.

This experience has been humbling for 50 Cent, he realizes that even he can suffer from a backlash and that it was not just limited to Ja Rule. One thing that 50 says that he has that Rule did not is consistency and a will to keep going. That is why he keeps releasing music while Ja Rule went dormant.

The latest single released from 50 Cent for this album is “Baby By Me.” The song was recorded earlier this year and it was featured on some of 50’s mixtapes. He decided to take the song and remix it and place Ne-Yo on the chorus. The result is a LL Cool J-type of rap ballad, something that 50 Cent has never done.

It is true that he has made songs like “21 Questions,” but he has never collaborated with an R&B singer for this type of single. The new song is generating more airplay than any other songs that have come from 50 in the recent months, so he may have found that song that will begin his comeback.

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