Lil Wayne to release “Rebirth” and “Tha Carter IV” on Same Day

10 Oct

Lil Wayne IIThe most talked about hip hop artist in 2009 has been Lil Wayne. Ironically, Wayne has not released too much new music this year.

For most of 2009, he has been talking about his experimental album, Rebirth. The album’s first single, “Prom Queen,” was released in January and the album was to follow in April.

The singles released in promotion of Rebirth never quite lived up to the expectations of Universal Records. As a result, the album has been chronically pushed back.

To follow Rebirth is expected to be Tha Carter IV. Wayne spoke of his latest Carter album as the one that he wants everybody to like because his experimental album may turn some people off. But, if he cannot secure a release date for Rebirth, his other albums will also be pushed back.

As a result, he has decided to release both albums on the same day. It had been announced that Wayne had decided to push Rebirth back until December 15, 2009. Now, he has decided to push Tha Carter IV up a few months to be released on the same date.

Numerous times, Lil Wayne has stated that Rebirth is done, so he has decided to continue his work on Tha Carter IV. This news was announced by Cash Money Records founder, Birdman.

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