Asher Roth disses President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

10 Oct

Asher RothYesterday, news broke that President Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Since that time, the news has been swarming the president more than usual.

Being the first “hip hop” president, it can be expected to hear more opinions from hip hop artists on Obama more than their opinions on other presidents and politicians.

The first rapper to publicly speak out is Asher Roth, who is not as supportive as other rappers probably are. The rap newcomer feels that Barack Obama is not deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Asher Roth was quoted saying “Didn’t know you could win the peace prize by just talking sh*t.” Roth clarified himself a bit when he said that he supports change and hope, but some people dedicate their whole lives to peace.

The rapper went on to say that change starts from the basement up. He meant that change starts with the people first and the people are being manipulated, not by Obama, but by Nobel. Asher Roth went on to say that “change starts with the people, so who is going to wake up first?”

Asher Roth’s comments were directed towards the Nobel Peace Prize and how they select their winners, more so than it was directed at President Obama.

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