Yung Joc pleads to leave Bad Boy Records

9 Oct

Yung JocEarlier this year, many outlets reported that Yung Joc had expressed interest in leaving his longtime label of Bad Boy Records. Apparently, not much has changed.

It has been a while since there has been any word on Joc attempting to leave Bad Boy, but he still wants to leave the label. He already runs his own label, Swagg Team Entertainment and he is likely to sign there if he is released.

Yung Joc said that he has been talking with many labels, but he is still in a signed contract with Bad Boy Records. Joc remains confident that he will maintain the fan base that he built while on Bad Boy because the fans only care about the music.

Joc said that if he is able to work through all of the label politics, he can sign with a new label. Once he does this, Yung Joc said that they will immediately expect some new music from him, so he is already at work. He did release a free mixtape this year in hopes of leaving Bad Boy.

Seeing how Bad Boy Records is slowly ending their deal with Atlantic Records, Yung Joc may be released quicker than even he has expected.

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