Saigon defends 50 Cent

9 Oct

SaigonAs of late, it seems that everyone is beginning to pile on 50 Cent. Ever since Jay-Z came out and dissed 50 Cent, everyone feels that they can. It is safe to say that 50 Cent’s respect level is decreasing rapidly.

One person that is not convinced of this is Saigon. He said that he met 50 Cent long before the success and the two used to be rapping partners. Sai said that he was almost a part of G-Unit and that he even used to scream G-Unit.

The thing that stopped him from joining the label, however, was the fact that he and 50 Cent often bumped heads. Saigon credited this to the fact that they were both stars and wanted things their respective ways. Due to their dominating personalities, 50 and Saigon have yet to make up.

Despite this, Saigon feels that 50 Cent’s success is his success. Sai said that he remains proud of all that 50 has accomplished in his career.

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