The L.O.X. may be the First Act signed to Bad Boy/Interscope

8 Oct


Recently, Diddy made the decision to leave Atlantic Records for distribution. He has a relationship with Jimmy Iovine that he is looking to build upon. Still, the artists on his Bad Boy Records will remain on Atlantic Records.

From this point on, though, any new artist that signs to Bad Boy Records will be distributed by Interscope Records. Initially, it was announced that The L.O.X. had returned to Bad Boy, but that announcement was a bit premature.

Diddy is still interested in working with his former group, though. The parties involved have ended the feud that they had years ago. Sheek Louch (of The L.O.X.) cites maturity from the group’s part as their ability to work with Diddy again.

Currently, Diddy has no acts signed to his new Bad Boy Records. He said that he wants to take things slow, but he is interested in working with The L.O.X. again. It would be rather easy, seeing how the group is already signed to Interscope Records.

Ever since April, the members of the group have been keeping contact with Diddy and they may have something planned. No matter what happens, The L.O.X. do plan to release another album before the end of 2010.

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