Plies’ “Goon Affiliated” gets pushed Back

8 Oct

PliesEver since he first landed into the game, Plies has made a name for himself for creating hit songs. His formula is the tried and true street anthem and the song for the ladies.

His debut album was kicked off with “Shawty,” his next album was the release of “Bust It Baby, Pt. 2,” and his third album featured “Put It on Ya.”

Albums from Plies are also known for such anthems as “Who Hotter Than Me,” “Pants Hang Low,” and “Plenty Money.” His current album was kicked off with “Becky” for the ladies.

Unlike most singles released by Plies, “Becky” has yet to take off, which is an alarming fact. In the current state of hip hop, many rappers are being pushed back. That is not Plies, his sophomore album was actually pushed up.

His third album seemed a bit rushed together, but it was also released in 2008. While it did spawn some minor hits, it is the lowest-selling album from Plies in his career.

Still, after the release of his album, Plies let it be known that he was already back at work on his fourth album. According to sources around him, the album was completed earlier this year and ready for release.

However, Plies is beginning to show signs of human. In promotion of his current album, the Florida rapper is having to contend with the lack of a hit single. As a result, Goon Affiliated has been pushed back.

The current release date for Plies’ latest album, Goon Affiliated is set for November 17, 2009

One Response to “Plies’ “Goon Affiliated” gets pushed Back”

  1. newrapsongs October 9, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    pfff..that guy is wack.

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