Fat Joe talks Jay-Z and Remy Ma

7 Oct

Fat JoeFat Joe has officially announced that he has no feud with Jay-Z. For years, the two were rumored to be engaging in a subliminal feud.

Last year, things came to a head on a Jay-Z song where he mentions a lame rapper and his DJ. In the eyes of many, Fat Joe is a lame rapper and he is known for working with DJ Khaled.

Not long after the song’s release, Jay-Z came out to deny dissing Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. Since that time, he has performed in Miami with Khaled and shouted him out on “D.O.A.”

Just last month, Fat Joe was hosting a show in promotion for his new album, J.O.S.E., Pt. II. In attendance was Swizz Beatz, a frequent collaborator of Joe’s and, surprisingly, Jay-Z.

Eventually, Jay-Z ended up performing his song, “On to the Next One,” with Swizz Beatz. Some saw this as an official end to the so-called feud between the two rappers, especially when Fat Joe joined Jay on stage.

However, most saw this as Jay-Z stealing the show from Fat Joe. It has been weeks of speculation about how Fat Joe feels and he has decided to talk about it now. He said that it was cool for Jay to go on stage and do that. In actuality, Fat Joe was glad that Jay-Z came.

Ever since he released Remy Ma from his Terror Squad label, there has been a feud brewing between the two rappers. A part of his deal in releasing Remy was for her to refrain from working with 50 Cent. This angered Remy Ma and she performed with 50 on stage.

In May of last year, Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years of prison after a shooting. While it appears that the two are still feuding, Fat Joe provided words of encouragement for his former protege. He told Remy Ma to stay strong and that he does not wish this on his worst enemy.

Fat Joe went on to wish Remy Ma, along with her family well and he said that he hopes that she can get through this rough time.

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