50 Cent responds to Fabolous Diss

7 Oct

50 CentFabolous’ Twitter diss has made it back to 50 Cent and he has responded. While Fab insisted that it was not a real diss to 50 Cent, he has definitely taken it that way.

50 Cent responded to Fabolous’ comments on ThisIs50.com. He said that he was very disappointed in Fab’s comments. 50 went on to say that he had considered Fabolous a friend and that he offered to tour with Fabolous.

For unknown reasons, that never materialized. Recently, 50 Cent hosted his This Is 50 festival, promoting New York unity. Fabolous questioned 50 Cent on doing this and blamed him for the reason that New York is so divided.

In his career, 50 Cent has feuded with Fat Joe, Jadakiss, DMX, Ghostface, Cam’ron, Ja Rule, Two-Five, and Jay-Z. All of these rappers are from New York. Fabolous used Ja Rule as an example, a New York rapper that was on top of the game that 50 Cent ruined.

Two factions, one supporting Ja Rule and one supporting 50 Cent emerged. Early in his career, Fabolous received a boost from Ja Rule, that was his reason for not jumping into a feud when everone else did.

At the same time, he never came to Rule’s defense, so why is he talking, now unless he wants attention. 50 Cent also said in his reply to Fabolous to keep friends close, but enemies closer. He said that friends are likely to become jealous quicker than enemies.

He said that Fabolous was considered a friend. Is jealousy a factor? After all, 50 Cent built the buzz that Fabolous longed for.

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