Shyne signs with Black Wall Street

6 Oct

ShyneToday was a big day for Shyne. Initially, this was supposed to be his release date from prison. It turns out that today was not quite that good.

Shyne will remain in prison and faces the possibility of being deported. Today has been a big day for Shyne, but it has not been all that great for him.

Of all of the bad news that the Brooklyn rapper has received, some good has come. His longtime friend, The Game has signed Shyne and his Gangland imprint to his label, The Black Wall Street.

It is unclear if Shyne will be getting out any time soon. First, he has to clear up these immigration issues and work towards getting out of prison. From there, he can move on to making new music with The Game.

The news was broken by Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond’s son, Lil’ Henchmen via Twitter. Apparently, this is no rumor, Shyne is officially signed as an artist to Black Wall Street. Rumors have pointed to him signing here, or Murder Inc.

Just a few months ago, though, Shyne was rumored to have signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. However, those rumors proved to be false when Jay-Z came out to refute the charges.

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