Fabolous disses 50 Cent

6 Oct

FabolousRecently, 50 Cent has made strides to change his old ways. Instead of constantly starting new feuds, he has ended old ones. Look at 50’s friends list, he is now cool with Jadakiss, Ghostface, and Cam’ron.

Because of this new unity, 50 Cent has decided to unite all of his former enemies to a new show. 50 recently held the This Is 50 festival in New York City. The show was a promotion for New York rapper, mainly.

As of late, there has been a new mouth in hip hop. Fabolous has replaced 50 Cent in this category. In the past two months alone, Fabolous has started feuds with T-Pain, Bow Wow, and Jay-Z. Now, Fab has taken on 50 Cent, himself.

While Fabolous insisted that this was not a real diss to 50 Cent, essentially, it was. Fab questioned 50’s need for unity when he was the reason for so much separation in New York hip hop. He cited the Ja Rule feud, how Ja Rule, who helped Fabolous into the game, was the biggest star in rap when 50 Cent knocked him off of his game. Ja is New York hip hop, too.

Fabolous also mentioned Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Cam’ron, and other New York rappers that 50 had beef with. He said that three years ago, 50 would not be caught dead on stage with these rappers, now he is openly working with them.

He hinted at the fact that almost all of hip hop is now against 50 Cent and he needs support. Without saying that, Fabolous said that 50 Cent is doing this to get someone outside of his camp on side. Still, Fab insists that this is no real diss to 50 Cent.

This is the second, not real diss to 50 Cent. The man is trying to change and this is not Fabolous’ first Twitter offense, he may be getting himself into something.

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