Diddy compares Lil Wayne to Himself

6 Oct

Sean CombsDiddy has been one of the most iconic figures in hip hop for most of his career. In recent times, Lil Wayne has also grown into that status.

When people think of Lil Wayne, they think a great lyricist. When people think of Diddy, they think a pop rapper. Still, Diddy feels the need to compare himself to Wayne.

Lyrical ability is not the comparison, however, it is the executive skills that Diddy says that Lil Wayne posses that are similar to his own. Bad Boy Records can be called whatever, but it cannot be denied that the label had it back in the day.

They had hit music and the biggest stars in the industry. This baton has been passed to many labels and it is now Lil Wayne’s turn. Lil Wayne began his career as nothing more than a “sidekick rapper,” but he turned it up lyrically and created his own label.

The end result was Lil Wayne competing for “the best rapper alive” title and him creating Young Money Entertainment. Initially, Lil Wayne’s Young Money was not taken seriously. The addition of Drake has changed things.

Now that the label has signed an already big-name star in Bow Wow, they have solidified their position as hip hop’s elite. Some fifteen years ago, this would have been Bad Boy Records. At the helm, then, was Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, now at the helm is Lil Wayne.

As far as their business methods, there are indeed some comparisons between the two. Diddy said that he tips his hat to Lil Wayne and that he told him that Young Money is the Bad Boy of this generation.

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