Nick Cannon disses Eminem

2 Oct

Nick CannonEver since he returned to the rap game, Eminem has been stirring up controversy. His huge comeback was his hit single, “We Made You,” was notable for name dropping a lot of Hollywood’s elite.

Of course the song caused controversy, but his next single, “Warning,” was the single that really heated up the summer. His song referred to a relationship that he had with Mariah Carey a few years ago.

Last summer, Carey wed Nick Cannon. Eminem had some words for Cannon about Mariah. For the most part, Nick Cannon ignored comments from Em. Mariah handled more of the heavy work. She hit back at Eminem with her hit single, “Obsessed.”

As a result, Eminem and Mariah Carey have been going back and forth for a little while, now. This past May, Nick Cannon did respond to Eminem through his blog, now, five months later, Cannon has a lot more to say. Reported by Starpulse, Cannon said that Eminem is lucky that he has not run into him yet.

A response from Eminem may come soon, seeing how his album is to be released sometime next month.

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