Young Buck may reunite with UTP

1 Oct

Young BuckLong before his G-Unit days, Young Buck was a loyal member of Juvenile’s UTP crew. He was a talented rapper, but Juvenile did not have the company ready to properly promote anyone but him.

Instead of watching time pass on Young Buck, he introduced him to 50 Cent and allowed him to join G-Unit and G-Unit Records. Throughout his career, Young Buck maintained a strong and respectful relationship with Juvenile.

His relationship with 50 Cent was questionable, at best. There were always rumors of Buck having a rift with 50 Cent. After The Game left the label and the group, Young Buck seemed like the most loyal member of the squad. Soon, all of that changed and Young Buck was on the same boat as his former rival.

Last year, 50 Cent announced that Young Buck had been kicked out of the G-Unit group, but said that he was still signed to the label. This did not stop a feud from insuing between the two rappers. Young Buck had been demanding release from the label up until recently. He reached out and apologized to 50 Cent.

After the apology, Tony Yayo accepted it, while 50 Cent made no comments on the issue. Apparently, the relationship between 50 Cent, G-Unit and Young Buck is still estranged. In his time off, Buck has gotten back to his roots and has reached out to Juvenile.

Always the businessman, Juvenile is interested in bringing Young Buck back to UTP. The label is now able to market and support another star. So, if 50 Cent is willing to release Young Buck, Juvenile is willing to sign him. It appears if 50 Cent has had a change of heart, so he may let Young Buck go.

Is there a reunion in the works between Young Buck and UTP?

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