T-Pain is writing a Jay-Z Apology Track

1 Oct

T-PainLast month, T-Pain decided to diss Jay-Z due to his anti-auto-tune anthem, “D.O.A.” While it was clear that the song was not directed at Pain, himself, it hurt users of the auto-tune as a whole.

The situation became extremely ugly extremely fast. The diss was actually reported by Fabolous, a friend of Jay-Z and T-Pain. He reported via Twitter what T-Pain said and made it clear that he did not agree.

In the next few days, Jay-Z responded to the diss, saying that he made it clear that he was not going at T-Pain on the song. Not long after the Jay-Z response a Twitter message from “T-Pain” had negative comments directed at Jay-Z and Fabolous.

At that point, Fabolous entered the feud. He left a long rant that went at everything T-Pain. Towards the end of the message, he realized that the message was from a fake account. In the end, Fab said that the message should serve as a warning for T-Pain.

It was not much longer when T-Pain came out with the apologies. He expressed his sentiments towards Jay-Z and he also patched things up with Fabolous. Still, most feel that what T-Pain did is still not enough for him to be completely forgiven.

The Florida-based T-Pain has talked with Diddy and he said that there was no excuse for what he did. This and a Jay-Z apology is mentioned in T-Pain’s new song, which is a freestyle over Drake’s “Successful.” It has been a while since “D.O.A.” was released and it has been a while since Jay-Z has mentioned T-Pain.

Will this apology song be enough for T-Pain to be forgiven by Jay-Z?

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