Diddy and Mase officially End Feud

1 Oct

Diddy and MaseEver since 2004, Mase and Diddy, then known as P. Diddy have been at odds. This was the year that Mase returned after a five year absence to become a “clean” rapper.

However, by 2005, Mase abandoned the “clean” label, despite being a pastor. He began associating with G-Unit and had plans on signing with G-Unit Records. The only problem was Diddy refused to let Mase out of his contract.

The result was a feud between 50 Cent and Diddy that lasted for a year. In the end, Mase ended his partnership with G-Unit and Diddy let him out of his contract with Bad Boy. Ever since 2007, Mase has been a free agent, but he has yet to find a label.

Last month, there were rumors of Mase being in talks with Diddy about a return to Bad Boy Records. At one point, Mase was the flagship artist of Bad Boy Records. In 1999, he left the label to become a pastor, but ten years later he was back, knocking on the doors of the label.

However, despite Mase’s efforts, it was not clear if he and Diddy had officially ended their feud. Diddy said that a few days ago, Mase apologized to him and they ended their feud once and for all. However, this does not mean that Mase will be signed to Bad Boy.

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