50 Cent calls Jay-Z a Punk

1 Oct

50 CentNever one to back down, 50 Cent has taken the time to respond to Jay-Z’s diss aimed at him over a week ago. Jay was asked about Kanye West’s VMA outburst. He said that West spoke his mind.

Still on the West topic, Tim Westwood asked Jay-Z that if it had been 50 Cent accepting an award, would Kanye had treated him the same way that he treated Taylor Swift.

In response, Jay-Z wanted to let it be known that no one is afraid of 50 Cent. He said that if Kanye West felt that 50 Cent was undeserving of an award that he had won, he would have done the same thing. Jay went on to say that 50 is all talk and no action.

That has been a while back, but any person that knows 50 Cent’s style knows that he had something to say back to Jay-Z. For years, Jay-Z and 50 Cent have been rumored to be feuding, Jay-Z’s comments only made things rumble a bit louder.

Recently, 50 Cent took the time to respond to what Jay-Z had to say. While he insists that there is no feud between the two of them, he said that not only would Kanye West be afraid to take the mic from him accepting an award, but Jay-Z would be, too. He said that Jay-Z is a punk, but he is the coolest punk that he knows.

This is not the punk as in he will take anything without action. 50 Cent compared Jay-Z’s style to punk rock, saying that Jay-Z was “cool punk.” There is no feud between Jay-Z and 50 Cent, just some light shots being fired back and forth.

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