Will Rick Ross finish off 50 Cent?

30 Sep

Rick RossIt is easy to call the Rick Ross/50 Cent feud the funniest in hip hop history. The two rappers have turned each other into jokes with Rick Ross’ constant teasing of 50 Cent and the cartoons that 50 used to get at Ross.

At times, it almost felt like the two rappers had this planned. But, when 50 Cent brought out Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, Tia Kemp, things became personal. Then, many people expected things to turn violent, or for Ross to at least release a very lethal diss track. He did not, he continued to taunt 50 Cent while he took his ex out shopping.

Now, Tia Kemp is covering Smooth barely dressed and bent over. It does not take a rocket scientist to guess who is under her. None other than 50 Cent is the man under her with a camera in his hands. It is understandable that Rick Ross no longer has a relationship with Kemp, but she is the mother of his child. He deserves some respect.

During the Jay-Z and Nas feud, Jay-Z tried to bring his relationship with Nas’ baby’s mother into the feud. Nas quickly shot that down with “Ether.” 50 Cent has taken things further than Ross had ever imagined, he has taken a picture with Officer Ricky’s ex and it is on the cover of a magazine.

Will Rick Ross come back with something hard and finish 50 Cent off?

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