Nas inks Open Letter Regarding Derrion Albert’s Death

29 Sep

NasThe brutal death of Chicago teen, Derrion Albert has everyone talking. The hip hop world is not exempt from this. People judge the music and call it whatever, but it is really one of the most concious forms of music.

At the forefront would have to be Nas. For years, he has been known as the street poet. He is also known for being very much so socially concious. The recent death of Derrion Albert has prompted Nas to take action.

Nas has decided to take action the best way that he knows how, which is to write. Instead of writing a rhyme, Nas has penned an open letter regarding the death of the teen. From a blog post, he told of the importance of life and how not to emulate the role that he portrayed in Belly.

While the entire letter was deep, one part really sticks out. When Nas asks the question “What are we really proving?” He asks a sensible question when all that can be seen on television is black people killing black people. This is the type of subjects that Nas’ music deals with.

He said that he was afraid of getting too personal on his next solo album. Maybe the death of Derrion Albert may lead to Nas creating music that tells of the ills of life and the “gangsta” lifestyle, but ways to steer clear of it.

One Response to “Nas inks Open Letter Regarding Derrion Albert’s Death”

  1. chanichew September 30, 2009 at 10:15 pm #

    yeah, i’m grateful that nas took the time to write this letter. i hope that he and other artists will do more…i hope they will stop flaunting the “prestige” of the hood life from their mansions.
    i wish more artists would go back to the hood where they “came from” and touch lives and people for real…and inspire positive move forward. i blogged on this as well.

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