Joe Budden addresses the Onslaught of Disses

29 Sep

Joe BuddenTo have had some of the biggest hype and support around him when he first entered the game, Joe Budden is possibly the most hated man in hip hop.

One summer has turned Busta Rhymes, a former collaborator into one of his main rivals. Aside from Busta, Budden has also been involved in feuds with Maino, Saigon, and the legendary MC Shan.

Earlier this year, Joe Budden and Saigon engaged in a feud over various reasons. The feud seemed to be resolved by the summer when they both signed to Amalglam Digital. The two rappers went on to collaborate and everything.

Earlier this month, Saigon was asked about his former feud with Joe Budden and the other rappers that are dissing him. Sai said that he felt sorry for Joe, but he brings this type of stuff on himself. He said that Budden started their feud and he really went easy on him. Saigon said that he could have had him killed.

Brooklyn rapper, Maino, also joined the “diss Joe Budden” bandwagon earlier this week. He decided to speak on the rumors of Budden being assaulted by Wu-Tang rapper, Raekwon’s camp. Maino said that he did not handle the situation like a man. As a result, he went on to taunt the rapper.

The legendary, MC Shan also went on to tease Joe Budden about being assaulted by Raekwon’s camp while on Street Diciplez Radio. He said to Joe Budden that he was not anybody so he needs to relax. Saigon also had more comments, saying that he was disappointed because Budden did not defend himself.

Joe Budden has turned a new leaf. After the Saigon feud, he decided that he would not be that rapper anymore. He no longer sees fit to continue mindless feuds. When he was asked about the disses from these rappers, he pretty much said whatever.

According to the New Jersey rapper, there are a lot of other rappers that are dissing him, too. He is choosing to ignore these disses. A lot of what Joe Budden is saying is true, he was also questioned by Sheek Louch and Busta Rhymes also had some choice words for him. Method Man also has issues with the rapper.

Honestly, most of Joe Budden’s feuds stem from his outrageous comments on his JoeBuddenTV. If he would not talk so much trash about other people on that show, he would not be dissed nearly as much as he is. Sheek Louch pointed this out, saying that he would have to meet up with these people one day.

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