Young Buck denies Eminem diss

28 Sep

Young BuckHip Hop Vibe previously reported of a diss record from Young Buck. A few days ago, the former G-Unit rapper released a song, “If I Have To,” that starts off saying, “Eminem we comin’ for your a*s.”

If that was not a diss, what is? He spoke on the song, calling it a warning. Now that things have gotten a little hot, Young Buck has come out to deny that the song was even mentioning Eminem. Instead, Buck said that the song was talking about the producer, which happens to be white.

Not only was Young Buck suddenly not dissing Eminem, he went on to call Eminem a homeboy. He said that he was one of Em’s biggest fans, if not his biggest fan. His feud was between himself and G-Unit, anyway.

From 2002 until 2007, Young Buck had worked closely with Eminem with music on his solo albums, albums with 50 Cent, and albums with G-Unit and the other members. Still, the song does sound like a diss and it looks like Young Buck is covering his tracks.

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