Nas talks Next Solo Album

28 Sep

NasThere is a lot going on with Nas right now. Of course, he is going through a nasty divorce with his wife, Kelis and his child support issues. With him already working on an album with Damian Marley and a solo on the way, his new music should be creative.

With so much going on and his creative juices flowing, Nas is afraid that he may get a bit too personal on this album. Rappers are known to get personal on their albums, but sometimes they tell too much.

Nas is afraid of becoming one of those rappers that tells too much. His albums are known for their street tales. They describe the rough lifestyle, in which he grew up in, but it serves as encouragement for the listeners to try and do better. The only problem is that Nas no longer lives like this.

The current issues that are touching him are the issues with his wife. Nas is also considering taking the role once held by his former rival, Jay-Z. Earlier today, it was revealed that he is considering taking over as president of Def Jam. He said that the position has been offered and he may do it for hip hop.

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