Mack Maine to release Debut Album in 2010

28 Sep

Mack MaineMack Maine has been quietly sitting in the background while Lil Wayne has gotten closer and closer to legendary status. Also, he has sat back while Drake has also taken over the game.

This does not bother him too much, seeing how he shined on Lil Wayne’s hit single, “Got Money,” and the fact that he is the president of Young Money Entertainment. Everything going on means that he gets a check.

The time for Mack Maine to shine will be here before long. He has sat, patiently, while Young Money has become the hottest crew in rap, now he hopes to continue that wave. First, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth will be released, followed by the Young Money album.

After that, Mack Maine will release his debut album, Mack Maine 4 President. Ever since 2008, he has been flooding the mixtape scene, but now he is ready for the big time. His debut album has been in the works since the summer of this year and should be released early next year.

His debut album will feature collaborations from, of course, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, and Drake, but the album will also feature appearances from Mack Maine’s own Kush Entertainment.

By this time in 2010, Mack Maine will possibly be continuing the Young Money wave. If he is not the success that some expect him to be, he can always return to the front office at Young Money, he has not done a bad job there.

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