Diddy talks Shyne’s Prison Release

28 Sep

Sean CombsRecently, Sean “Diddy” Combs has spoke out in anticipation of the release of his former artist, Shyne. There have been rumors of a feud between the two for years, but Diddy said that they have spoken with each other.

In an interview with DJ Absolut, Combs said that it is a blessing to finally have him home. He went on to say that he feels that Shyne will heat up the rap game when he returns.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Shyne would be released early from prison on good behavior. His set release from prison is October 6, 2009. He is rumored to also be working on an album, which should be released in 2010.

In 1999, Shyne was at a party with Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez. It was said that Combs and the rapper began arguing with another group of partiers while at the club. As a sign of disrespect, someone threw money at Sean Combs. After that, gun shots were fired and Shyne was identified as one of the people shooting.

While he did admit to shooting a gun, Shyne said that it was out of self-defense as the other group began shooting first. Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez were arrested, but released the next day, while Shyne was to serve a ten year prison sentence.

Of that ten year sentence, Shyne will have served eight upon his release with two years under supervision, but he will be free. It may be safe to say that there was never any feud between Diddy and Shyne.

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