Did Soulja Boy get Charles Hamilton dropped from Interscope Records?

28 Sep

Soulja BoyMany look at Charles Hamilton and see the future of hip hop lyricism. At the same time, many people look at Soulja Boy and they see a teen rap fad. Soulja Boy has still managed to become one of the biggest stars on Interscope Records. Meanwhile, Charles Hamilton has been basically overlooked.

Being viewed as a talented artist gained Charles Hamilton respect in the hip hop community. Knowing how to sell records gained Soulja Boy respect on Interscope Records. With no albums released on the label, it was a risk having Charles Hamilton going at Soulja Boy the way that he was.

There was a chance that Charles Hamilton could have ruined Soulja Boy’s career, then his career may have never taken off. It is no secret that Interscope Records plays favorites, there is a possibility that Soulja Boy complained to label president, Jimmy Iovine.

It is unclear exactly what happened, but Soulja Boy is one of the label’s biggest stars. On the other hand, Charles Hamilton was credited as a skilled lyricist, but he had yet to release an album, which means that he was selling no records.

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