Young Buck disses Eminem on New Track

27 Sep

Young BuckBarely a month after Young Buck reached out to G-Unit in hopes of reconciliation, he has now dissed Eminem on a new track, “If I Have To.” G-Unit member, Tony Yayo forgave Buck and left The Game hanging because of his mood swings.

Apparently, Young Buck is having these same mood swings. He seemed like the most loyal member at G-Unit and G-Unit Records only weeks before he was booted from the group.

Ever since the spring of 2008, Young Buck has been feuding with 50 Cent. Unlike his actions with The Game, 50 kicked him out of the group, but kept him on the label. Actually, Buck is the only artist on G-Unit Records that is still signed to Interscope Records.

It is unclear what happened behind the scenes, maybe Buck wanted off of the label and Eminem convinced 50 to leave him on the label. But, Young Buck opens the song with the line “Eminem, we comin’ for a**.” This may all be a plot from Young Buck to be dropped from Interscope Records.

Currently, Eminem is gearing up for Relapse 2 and Young Buck has no set release date with his forever upcoming album.

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