On the Rise: J. Cole

27 Sep

J. ColeJ. Cole is definitely on his way to stardom. Of all of rap’s newcomers, J. Cole has to be in the best position. He spent a few years on his grind in Fayetteville, NC, before getting the call that he could not deny.

In preparation for his new label, Roc Nation, Jay-Z went on the search for new artists. The first artist that was signed to the label was J. Cole. Since that time, the rapper has been on the ride of his life.

When Jay-Z released his latest album, The Blueprint 3, he featured J. Cole on “A Star is Born.” On the song, Jay-Z mentions the rise to fame from his former collaborators, friends, and enemies, alike. For the third verse, J. Cole was handling things.

Clearly, J. Cole is a gifted lyricist. He delivers the best guest verse on the entire album. Also, his mixtapes are nothing to laugh at, either. In a matter of months, J. Cole has gone from a gifted rapper from the South to Jay-Z’s protege. Next, the face of Roc Nation and rap music.

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