Is 50 Cent already looking for a New Label?

27 Sep

50 CentFor the past few years, 50 Cent’s relationship with Interscope Records has been slowly falling apart. It also appears that his relationship with Eminem and Dr. Dre is not as strong as it used to be.

Taking a look at G-Unit Records’ roster tells the story. While the label has a full roster, aside from Young Buck, none of the label’s artists are signed to Interscope Records. The most recent departure from Interscope Records was Tony Yayo.

As many already know, 50 Cent is nearing the end of his label deal with Interscope. Even his G-Unit Records’ co-founder, Sha Money XL, has also left Interscope. The only remaining G-Unit/Interscope artist is Young Buck. However, Buck has been at odds with 50 Cent for some time.

Ever since 2007, 50 Cent has been at odds with Jimmy Iovine, the head of the label. At one point, an angry 50 Cent said that he would leave the label after his contract was over. When his feud with Rick Ross reached its peak, earlier this year, 50 joked about taking over Def Jam as CEO.

Now, Def Jam is in trouble. While they may not hire 50 Cent as CEO, they may offer him a lucrative deal for him and his entire G-Unit roster if they sign with the struggling label. With his final Interscope release only months away, is 50 Cent already label-hunting?

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