Memphis Bleek says Kanye West needs a Break

25 Sep

Memphis BleekMemphis Bleek, Kanye West’s former label-mate at Roc-A-Fella Records recently spoke out in defense of Kanye West. While Bleek admitted that Kanye was wrong for his outburst, he said that is just the way that West is.

The first major slip-up of his career has had Kanye West apologizing left and right. On the series premiere of NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show,” Kanye West mentioned that he may take a break from music.

While that may seem like the wrong thing to do, seeing the success that he has had, Memphis Bleek feels that he deserves a break. Bleek mentioned that Kanye West has been working non-stop on music for five years straight.

It is true that Kanye West is one of the hardest-working men in hip hop, but he is also the man that took wind from under the wings of Memphis Bleek. Kanye West’s rise to fame was originally supposed to be Memphis Bleek’s chance to shine.

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