Lil’ Scrappy readies DTP/Def Jam debut

25 Sep

Lil' ScrappyFor a few years, Ludacris’ DTP Records has been falling off a bit. Out of nowhere, Def Jam has fallen off a lot, too. It is well past overdue for some new blood to take over at these labels to provide new energy.

Years ago, Ludacris had the South on his back and other artists on his label also had hits. Those hits are now things of the past and Ludacris realizes this. He has been slowly transitioning from rapping to acting and running the label. Lil’ Scrappy has the proper energy, just not the proper promotion to return DTP to prominence.

Lil’ Scrappy began his career with Lil’ Jon on BME Entertainment. Scrappy was the leader of Trillville and their double disc debut release featured a solo album from Lil’ Scrappy. In the time after that album’s release, Lil’ Scrappy began associating with G-Unit.

G-Unit rapper, Young Buck, was rumored to have started a spin-off label, G-Unit South. Lil’ Scrappy’s real debut album was released in 2006. The first single, “Money in the Bank,” featured Young Buck and Scrappy hinted at signing with the new imprint label. It turned out that G-Unit South was nothing more than a movement, instead of a label.

When Young Buck cut ties from G-Unit, in 2008, Lil’ Scrappy also cut ties from the group and the label. He has returned to the mixtape circuit and rebuilt his buzz. Ludacris has kept an ear to the streets, as his DTP Records has remained a force in Southern hip hop, especially Atlanta.

Earlier this year, Lil’ Scrappy left BME/Warner Bros. He maintains a great relationship with Lil’ Jon and BME. The real problems stem from Warner Bros., they never properly promoted Scrappy. He said that they did not know how to handle a hip hop artist. When Ludacris came calling, Lil’ Scrappy quickly signed over.

DTP Records does know how to handle a hip hop artist, that is their speciality. The label is distributed by Def Jam, the first record label dedicated to hip hop. Being on DTP and Def Jam means that Lil’ Scrappy will now receive the proper promotion. His first album with the label will be The Grustle, which will be released by DTP/Def Jam on October 15.

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