Lil Wayne to release “Rebirth” on December 15

24 Sep

Lil WayneLil Wayne rode the wave of his last album, Tha Carter III, right into 2009. He had big plans of dominating the year with his follow-up albums.

Originally, Lil Wayne was to release two albums in 2009. The first was a rock-inspired album, Rebirth, the second was Tha Carter IV. With the Rebirth album being pushed back the way it has been, Tha Carter IV has almost been forgotten.

Early in 2009, Lil Wayne came out with the first single from his seventh album, “Prom Queen.” The song was initially panned by critics, but it ended up getting better reviews and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album has suffered from a lack of promotion.

Universal Mowtown, the label that distributes Lil Wayne, has been a bit timid on releasing this type of album from Lil Wayne. They feel that the project may have negative results on him that cannot be reversed. That is the reason that the project has not been properly pushed.

Most other artists with all of the promotion in the world would not be able to land a top fifteen single. All Lil Wayne has to do is leak a song to the internet. The label must not realize how popular Lil Wayne is right now.

The album was originally to be released on April 7, then it was pushed back to May, then July, then September, and later November. The project was being pushed back so frequently that there were rumors of the Young Money album being packaged as Lil Wayne’s 2009 album.

While the album may still be released as a Lil Wayne album, Rebirth has been pushed back for yet another time. Now, expect the album to be released right before Christmas on December 15, 2009 on Young Money/Universal.

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