Lil’ Mama was just as wrong as Kanye West

24 Sep

Lil MamaKanye West has definitely become the most talked about hip hop artist due to his outburst at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The show was something that will be talked about for a long time, but not just for Kanye West. After initially refusing to apologize for his actions, Kanye has been apologizing left and right.

Although his outburst was the most notable event of the show, people seem to have already forgotten about the other outburst. While performing his latest single, “Empire State of Mind,” with Alicia Keys, Jay-Z found his memorable performance crashed by Lil’ Mama. For those who do not remember her, she is the girl that made the song, “Lip Gloss,” over two years ago.

After her crash of the performance, she apologized and she has freestyled over the beat. Many people have spoken on her actions. The song’s featured artist, Alicia Keys, responded to Lil’ Mama’s claim of being inspired. Keys said that next time she should be inspired “from her seat.”

Reportedly, Jay-Z was furious after the set. He can be heard during the performance saying “you just gonna T-Pain me?” Apparently, Lil’ Mama did not hear him. Jay was rumored to have been so angry that Beyonce had to calm him down. Finally, Jay-Z has broken his silence on the situation.

Jay-Z said that he was indeed very upset about Lil’ Mama invading their performance. He said that Lil’ Mama was just as wrong as Kanye West. While he was upset with the rapper, he said that he did understand how the excitement led her to the stage. He also said that would not, personally, make him jump on stage, but he did understand her actions.

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