DMX and Ja Rule Finally Make Peace

24 Sep

DMX & Ja RuleAfter a decade a feuding and numerous rumors of reconciliation, DMX and Ja Rule are no longer enemies. The VH1 Hip Hop Honors were taped last night and DMX reached out to Ja Rule.

After his performance, X walked to Ja’s seat and the two hugged and talked for a little while. Once the show was over, Ja Rule took pictures with DMX, along with Ludacris and Foxy Brown.

It was just earlier yesterday when Ja Rule was on Twitter talking about the Hip Hop Honors. He mentioned, sarcastically, that he was exicted to be in the same building as DMX and Eminem. He said that he brought his daughter and he came to have a good time, but that does not mean that he is not ready for whatever.

While, he had no contact with Eminem, Ja Rule and DMX are friends again. For those who are hoping for a Murder Inc. reunion, Ja and X are now cool again and Ja Rule has always maintained a friendship with Jay-Z. As of late, DMX has been in the spirit of reunion as he also reunited with his Ruff Ryders’ crew on Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real (remix).”

DMX has a new album that should be released before the end of 2010 and Ja Rule is working on Venni Vetti Vecci 2010. Is it possible that Ja Rule and DMX may do a couple of Jay-Z and Nas-type collaborations?

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