VH1’s Chance disses 50 Cent

23 Sep

ChanceChance (“Real Chance of Love”) is known for his tough-guy persona. He began his career on television and he was best-known for beating up Mr. Boston on “I Love New York.” Later, he became known as the big bully on “I Love Money.” He now stars in his own VH1 reality show.

Aside from his reality television career, Chance is also a hip hop artist. According to AllHipHop.com, he is now down with T.I. Many know that T.I.’s camp and 50 Cent’s camp do not have the best relationship in the world. Last summer, the two camps were rumored to be involved in a heated feud.

While they may not have been, then, they may be into something now. Chance dissed 50 via Twitter leaving this message:

“50 cent you a b***h n***a when you seen me at the vma 09 it was all fun and games. N*gga when i left out that b***h i heard you was talkin sour n*gga yo career is ova n*gga i heard ya lil b****h a$$ diss record that s**twas wack. All i gotta say is you done f**k up n*gga you wanted beef b***h a$$ n*gga you done found it sucker ass n*gga you think yo song was something n*gga. Imma have yo hoe ass cryin…Ya im done talkin yall look out for my diss single coming soon im out this b***h grand hustle all day for you weak ass n***as”

The marriage between hip hop and Twitter needs to be broken up. It seems like the Internet has come in between rappers saying what they have to say to each other. There is no prior history of a relationship between Chance and 50 Cent, but Chance is known for his erratic behavior.

Will 50 Cent respond to these disses, or will he ignore the reality star?

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