Has T-Pain dumped the Auto-Tune?

23 Sep

T-PainThe auto-tune was always used in black music. In the 1980s, it became fairly popular, but it was dead by the 1990s. In the fall of 2005, it was unexpectedly revived by a new artist who called himself T-Pain. His debut single, “I’m Sprung,” was recorded entirely using auto-tune.

Initially, T-Pain was the only artist doing the auto-tune. Rappers were still doing the Ja Rule style where it is okay to be off key. After over five years of rappers singing off-key, those type of songs stopped charting high on most countdowns. That was when T-Pain became a heavily-recruited hook singer.

His most notable collaboration was with Kanye West on “Good Life.” The song went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 and Kanye West fell in love with the auto-tune. All of a sudden, Ron Browz, the man behind “Ether,” decided that he was going to record music. He released a song where he sang on auto-tune, “Pop Champagne,” and his album was to be all auto-tune.

Honestly, the sound was not for everyone. Most hip hop fans became a little upset because of lesser talented artists using the machine as a crutch. There was a wake up call that these artists needed. Not so much T-Pain, but the rappers that were using the machine to finally make hits.

Such artists as J. Holiday spoke out against the machine, saying that it allowed other artists to “cheat” with their music. What came next was not expected by anyone. During the summer of 2009, the energy from Kanye West’s auto-tune filled album, 808s and Heartbreak was just cooling off.

Jay-Z, the mentor to Kanye West, came out with his single, “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).” The song was aimed at rappers that were relying too much on the auto-tune. This was made clear by Jay-Z and he and T-Pain performed on stage together. Once the song really took off, T-Pain unexpectedly dissed Jay.

Days later he apologized and mentioned that he had to push his album up because of the Jay-Z song. T-Pain’s newest song, “Dope,” however, is without auto-tune. This is very rare that Pain has decided to go without his trusty machine. Has T-Pain finally allowed the auto-tune to die, or is he just taking a break from it?

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