DMX to make a Comeback in 2010

23 Sep

DMXWhen DMX first emerged out of the darkness, he had hardcore hip hop on his back. He took it mainstream, DMX made it cool to be a thug in hip hop without being West Coast. Many credit him with officially putting the East Coast back on top.

Fans were energized by DMX because he was edgy and a bit crazy on his records. His songs often dealt with drug abuse and suicide. The music that he was putting out was real and the fans responded. Over time, however, DMX went from edgy to just crazy.

He began his slide from the top in 2001. That was around the same time that he began feuding with his former friend and collaborator, Ja Rule. While Ja does not get too much credit for anything, he helped in ending DMX’s career. Ja Rule is to blame for DMX being billed as crazy.

With Ja Rule being the most popular rapper at the time, DMX’s popularity slowly began to wane. This was unrealized by most hip hop heads because Ja Rule was wiped off of the map so swiftly by 50 Cent.

Looking back on the feud that DMX had with Ja Rule, it is clear what had happened. Now, DMX is looked at as a crazy crack head that used to be one of rap’s most feared figures. Most still know that X can bring the heat, but his image is not that much better than Ja Rule’s that is the reason that his album has also seen frequent push-backs.

DMX still has the support of his crew and he reunited with his Ruff Ryders on Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real (remix).” He looks as if he has returned to the old DMX and his verse has the people within hip hop buzzing about the Dark Man once again. He has decided to use 2009 to make cameos on other albums and record his own.

Next year, 2010, DMX plans to re-take the rap game. He has been on top before, but he has been one of the outsiders for a much longer time, can he re-take this game that was once his?

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