Did The Game use Jay-Z feud For Profit?

23 Sep

The Game (rapper)For some time, now, The Game has been very vocal about Jay-Z. During most of his time getting at Jay-Z, he has played the “it wasn’t me game.” Game would mention Jay-Z in a song and then later deny that the song was about Jay-Z. Truth be told, a feud between The Game and Jay-Z has been going on for years over an issue between The Game and Memphis Bleek.

Within hip hop circles, The Game has been painted as bipolar. He almost always dedicates a song to ending his feud with 50 Cent and then he does a 50 Cent diss-record with Fat Joe. It is the way The Game does. This summer, he has crossed the point of no return. He challenged Jay-Z at many of his concerts. The Game blatantly dissed Jay-Z and even took it to wax.

What many fail to realize is the fact that The Game’s fourth album, The R.E.D. Album, is supposed to be released before the end of the year. He had yet to find the right track to make into a single, so he used a feud with Jay-Z to build his buzz. It can be said that what he did was smart. It is the way that rappers get their big break these days.

Thinking about what he did, it kept The Game’s name on the “latest news” section of many hip hop sites and his name in all of the magazines. It was great marketing, The Game admitted to it, himself when he said that Jay-Z will record a diss record and put it on The Blueprint 3. That was what The Game wanted him to do.

Instead, he was completely ignored by Jay-Z. It is now clear, looking back on the situation, what The Game had hoped would happen. He was trying to play Jay-Z to Jigga’s Nas, but the plan backfired.

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