Cam’ron no longer has issues with Jay-Z and Nas

23 Sep

Cam'ron Cam’ron joined a growing roster at Roc-A-Fella Records in 2001. During his time at the label, he finally had the chance to become a star. When Cam joined the label, he joined in the middle of Jay-Z’s epic feud with Nas. Being a member of the crew, Killa Cam took it upon himself to also join in on the feud.

Behind closed doors, Cam’ron and Jay-Z had never really liked each other. Jay-Z never wanted Cam’ron on the label, Dame Dash did. Over time, the feud with Nas cooled off, while the feud with Dame Dash and Jay-Z heated up. When the label split, Cam’ron sided with Dame and his crew, The Diplomats, began bombarding Jay-Z with disses.

This lasted until 2007; that was when Cam’ron realized that he was not exempt from the same type of thing that happened to the Roc. His label, Diplomat Records, had a similar split to that of Roc-A-Fella’s only three years prior. His partner, Jim Jones took half of the crew in one direction and he took the other half in another direction.

Now that he has been around the block, Cam’ron can relate more with Jay-Z’s method of focusing on the money. Recently, Cam’ron has expanded his label to feature West Coast artists; he has movies planned, and many other projects. These projects are what kept Jay from really going in on Cam.

He is now going through the same things that Jay was going through, so he can relate, now. With Nas, he never had a real issue with him. Nas heard Cam’s disses and responded to them like any other man would have. Now that Cam’ron has realized his mistakes, he has stated that he is no longer focused on feuds with other rappers. Cam said that he respects Jay-Z’s hustle and that he has no beef with Nas.

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