Jay-Z disses 50 Cent – “No One’s Scared of 50 Cent”

22 Sep

50 Cent & Jay-ZKanye West’s VMA outburst has probably become the defining moment of hip hop music in 2009. It has made everyone in the hip hop community speak out.

Seeing how Kanye West defeated him two years ago in the infamous “Clash of the Titans,” 50 Cent has been one of Kanye’s loudest critics. Stating that if Kanye had interrupted him accepting an award, he would have given him a black eye, 50 uses intimidation to get his way in rap.

Slowly, but surely, other rappers are beginning to realize this. Earlier this year, when his feud with Rick Ross was near its peak, Fat Joe spoke out in support of Ross. He questioned 50 Cent’s street cred and rappers such as Jadakiss have questioned him in the past.

Jay-Z can now be added to that list. For years, the two have been sending light disses towards each other. Overall, they maintain that there is no beef between them, but Jay’s comments may cause something to happen.

In a recent interview, Jay-Z spoke on Kanye West’s actions and 50 Cent’s response. Jay said that if it had been 50 accepting an award, Kanye would have done the same thing. He said that he wanted to make it clear to everyone that no one is scared of 50 Cent.

Jay-Z said that was what Kanye West truly believed, so he would have done that regardless of who it was. He went on to say that Kanye’s actions were rude an inappropriate, but 50 Cent is not scaring anyone, so 50 could be subject to the same thing.

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